Monday, August 17, 2015

How to get a physical image of a Lumia 800 (Windows Phone v7.8)

I recently had to analyze a Nokia Lumia 800 (RM-801) which is a smartphone running Windows Phone v7.8.

Unfortunately for me, at the time of this writing Cellebrite UFED 4PC is unable to extract a physical image from this phone model.

After some research on the internet, I found out that there's a flasher box which is able to root specifically two Lumia phones: Lumia 800 and Lumia 800C. After rooting, according to some posts I read in the forum GSM-Forum, the phone should be recognized as a mass storage device (or something like that).

If you're not familiar with flasher boxes, I recommend you to read the article Flasher Boxes: Back to Basics in Mobile Phone Forensics. A few years ago I attended these two excellent courses in order to learn how to use these tools:

After the research phase, I needed to do some lab testing. So I bought:
Cyclone Key Reloaded

I arranged a physical machine with Microsoft Windows XP SP3. In my experience, some flasher boxes are not that stable on newer operating systems. Cyclone Key Reloaded is one of them.

Rooting the device

After installing its drivers and software, plug in the flasher box to your computer.
From the main interface of the program Cyclone Box Module Loader: click on the Nokia Tool button | go to the Connection tab | set the connection to USB.

Connect the phone to your computer (not to your flasher box) by using a standard micro USB 2.0 cable. Wait for Windows to recognize the phone.

After that:

  • go to the tabs: WP7,WP8 (Qualcomm) | Simlocks
  • choose RM-801 Lumia 800
  • click on the ROOT ! button

This is an example log that will appear during the rooting on the right side of the program window.

[Nokia USB Connectivity]: WinUSB Port opened OK!
Product code read OK
Lumia No TP Root Procedure Started...

If phone is alive, It will be automatically swithced to OSBL mode.
If software can't switch to OSBL mode, or phone is generally DEAD do folllowing:

1. Turn OFF device, wait 15 seconds afterwards
2. Eject USB cable, wait 10 seconds
3. Press and hold Volume-UP button
4. Insert USB Cable. OSBL should be booted.

Booting CMT...
[Nokia USB Connectivity]: WinUSB Port opened OK!
Switching to RAW Mode...
[Nokia USB Connectivity]: WinUSB Port opened OK!
[Nokia USB Connectivity]: WinUSB Port opened OK!
OSBL Details
Protocol: v1.1
Version: v257.6
Build: 12
OSBL Bootloader Ready
USB&UART Tracing set
RSA Signature Calculated for QCB Boot, Writing...
OSBL Certificate Details
Magic:      WP70
Version:        0
Auth Level: Care
Data Encryption:    0
Image Index:    0
Asic Index: 0
Type:       Image Write
Hashtable Parsed OK
Certificate Accepted
[ASIC 0, Storage 4,1] Writing 850.552kB @ 0x000000000007D200
Write taken 0.400s (Average speed: 17419,04kBits/s)
Restoring Modem from BACKUP_RAMFS_IMAGE...
Restore OK
Restarting MCU...
Rooting Finished!

I unplugged the phone and turned it back on. I didn't notice any data loss. All my data was still there.

Imaging the device

Go to your forensic acquisition computer.
  • turn off the phone
  • connect the USB cable to the computer, but not yet to the phone
  • while holding the Volume Up button, connect the USB cable to the phone 
  • release the Volume Up button as soon as you see Windows asking you to format the phone
  • Please, don't format the device!

Now, you're ready to physically image your Nokia Lumia 800 phone.

I'll write about parsing in the next blog post.


  1. Hi, first I want to tell you that your post is amazing, I want to try this whit a different model of Nokia, This will work with a Nokia Lumia 710?

    1. Hi, sorry for my late reply but I noticed your comment only now. The Cyclone Box is able to root only two phone models: Lumia 800 and Lumia 800C. You'll probably need to use JTAG in order to extract a full physical image from a Lumia 710. Thanks a lot for reading!